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Fat Pig Barbecue & Grilling Sauce

Razzl Dazzl Grand Opening with Fat Pig.  Wings, meatballs, bbq pinwheels.  Fun Day with Brea!

Meet my husband, Brad, the creator of Fat Pig Bar-B-Q & Grilling Sauce.  His family and I are continuing his creation, what we consider the perfect BBQ Sauce ~ the right amount of sweet, spice and smoke.  Great on everything grilled, a tasty condiment, makes the perfect BBQ pizza, and that's only the beginning.


As a young couple, I came home during my lunch break to throw some ribs in a crockpot and threw in all of my normal barbecue sauce ingredients so dinner would be ready when we got home from work.  I love to cook and was pretty proud that the sauce was homemade.  Wow, did I get an awakening....  Brad asked what kind of barbecue sauce I used and I proudly said, "I made it."  He was not much of a cook when we first started dating, but he said, "it needs help."  Ummmm, "well next time you can make it then".  That was in 1995 and he's been making it ever since!   From then on, we would grill year round, and there was never a rib cooked in a crockpot again!  I call him my "grill-master" & "sauce-master"!  (Brad became quite the cook! Secret is that he was also my "pasta-master" and then graduated to a "ravioli-master". )

After making "Brad's Sauce" just for ourselves for our own backyard barbecue and to have on hand, we decided one year to give make a large batch to hand out to family, friends and neighbors for a little homemade Christmas gift.  We jarred it in canning jars, put a cute little label on it, simply stating: "Brad's BBQ Sauce & refrigerate after opening".  We did not know it yet, but "FAT PIG" was born!  Those "little" Christmas gifts soon ran dry and the requests for more "Brad's Sauce" were coming in. We gladly obliged, but not by giving out the "Brad's secret recipe".  Heck, we didn't even know the recipe.  He just made it but now he had to document it for larger and larger batches of sauce.  Yay!

STORY BEHIND THE NAME ~ which is not offensive, by the way:

We needed a name. Brad didn't want his name in the "name".  We threw it out to family and friend's -- "Brad's Bad to the Bone Sauce", "Brad's Best BBQ", "Brad Fired Up Sauce"....it was fun. But while I was sitting in the kitchen one morning paying bills, Brad came in the room and yelled "Fat Pig".  I said, "Excuse me?" (JEEZ, I know I gained weight, no need to be so mean.)  He was totally cracking up!  Me?  Not so much.  I mean he thought he was sooooo funny!  Then he said, no hon, the name of the BBQ sauce!  And there you go, "Fat Pig Bar-B-Q &  Grilling Sauce!