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Fat Pig Chicken

Fat Pig Ribs

Ralph's Rub preparing the baby back ribs.

Greenthaler huge chicken family BBQ.

Piper loving the Fat Pig Ribs the Uncle Brad made on The Big Easy!  Broken arm and all.


Ficher enjoying Fat Pig with everything he eats. Condiment, condiment, condiment!

Did I mention that KIDS & ADULTS <3 IT?

Chris & Cherie's family BBQ

Fat Pig BBQ Chicken Pizza

Ferrell Gas Customer Appreciation Day...  Can I have some more Fat Pig Please?

Brad's Ribs on the Traeger with Ralph's Rub.

More of Brad's perfect Ribs..  Ralph's Rub, Perfect Smoke Ring. Traeger Smoker & Fat Pig = Perfect Combination

Brian's Ribs - Wow those are some good lookin' ribs!