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Brad was taken from us, at the hands of another man,at the young age of 44.  Dreams and future plans have been shattered by our loss of this man.  Treasured memories are all we have left. He is now a guardian watching over us and is deeply missed by all of us every single day.  Fat Pig BBQ Sauce was his baby and in his memory, we are continuing this with family and friends, as he would want us to.

Brad & our girls, Paige & Alexis.  (Clockwise). 

Brad & Alexis for her first Minnesota Twins game.

Paige & Brad cooking. 

Alexis & Brad heading off to a father/daughter Minnesota Wild game date.

Brad & Alexis taking a jump off The Big Easy on Rainy Lake.

Brad's personality was love, wit, humor & loyalty.  The love of my life for 20 years until forever with love, laughter, cooking, entertaining.  We survived our struggles through the years because I married my best friend.  Not a day went by without giggles...  if any situation got too boring or serious, you could count on him for some shenanigans to make you laugh.  I miss my guy more than words could ever express!

Brad & I after Brad, my bestfriend, Annie, and brother-in-law, Bob managed to throw me a surprise 40th Bday party. 

Our wedding day in Las Vegas at the Little Church of the West.11/20/1999.

Brad & I having dinner at Deb's. 

Alexis & Brad ready with their Wild poster heading out to the game.

Paige & Brad loving each other at Easter.

Brad had a definite love of sports, especially his Minnesota Vikings, Wild & Twins.  We annually tailgated the Vikings games with family & friends.  Many great sporting event memories with his daughters, Brothers Bob & Brian, nephew Tyler, Cousins Scott & Emily, best friends Barry, Brenda, Annie & Chris! 

Brother Brian & Brad at our Superbowl Party 2011,

Denver Bronco vs Vikings with JJ, Brad, Annie & Bob in 2013.

Tyler, Paige, Brad, Alexis, Brian & Mikey heading off to a Wild game.

Brad & Scott hanging out with good eats and drinks.

Brad & Alexis, Chris & Marissa, family dinner with our great neighbors.

Alexis, Brenda, Brando, Barry & Brad.  We drove the 1972 Chev Suburban to the North Star (ugh) for the Twins game.  Fun times.

Brad loved entertaining!  "Host with the Most" was definitely him. He loved to have company, grilling, slow-smoking, cooking.  The Grill Master for sure!  The best sous chef ever!  He made all of our pasta & ravioli from scratch!  (Heck, give him a vacuum cleaner and he would be moving furniture and getting every corner!  He could put me to shame.)

Alexis & Brad paying close attention to the pasta making process.

Sausage making with Annie in Longville.

Cousins weekend on Rainy Lake BBQ'ing and enjoying!

Paige & Brad making Arancini balls.

The best ~ Brad & His Mom (AKA Reg, B'geen, Chink, Rose).  I always knew when he was calling his mom because it started with HIIIIII-LOWWWWW.  I miss hearing that!  I know she does too.  Bless her broken heart.  I love you Reg!  You're the best Mom, Mom-In-Law, & Grandma!

Miss our Brad so much! Life will never be the same without you.  Please God bless you and please God help us endure this loss.  Love you my love!